Rambling Red
Records list

38 Special: Tour De Force/Special Forces/W-W



Bryan Adams/Cuts Like a Knife (2 copies)/Reckless

Alan Parson Project: Eve/Eye in the Sky/I Robot

Alvin Lee and Company: Ten Years After

America: History (America’s Greatest Hits)



Bad Company: Swan Song

Beach Boys: Best of the Beach Boys/In concert

Beatles: Sgt. Pepper

Pat Bennetar: Precious Time/In the Heat of the Night/Crimes of Passion/Get Nervous/Tropico

Blue Oyster Cult: Extraterrestrial Live

Boston: Boston (2 copies)

David Bowie: Changesonebowie

Jackson Brown: Running on Empty (2 copies)/Hold Out

Jon Butcher: Axis



Canned Heat: Cookbook (best of Canned Heat)/Concert

The Cars: The Cars/Heartbeat City

Christopher Cross: Christopher Cross

Chicago at Carnegie Halll (Four volume set with posters)

Eric Clapton: Slowhand/History of Eric Clapton

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Soundtrack

Judy Collins: Colors of the Day (best of)

Commander Cody: Lost Planet Airmen

Jim Croce: Greatest Hits/You Don’t Mess Around with Jim

The Crusaders: Best of the Crusaders



Dennis DeYoung: Desert Moon

John Denver: Greatest Hits

Dire Straits: Communique/Making Movies/Love Over Gold/Dire Straits/Brothers in Arms

Thomas Dolby: The Golden Age of Wireless

Donovan: Hurdy Gurdy Man/Wear Your Love Like Heaven/Fairytale (no jacket)/P. Leitch

Doobie Brothers: Takin’ it to the Streets (2 copies)

Doors: Greatest Hits/The Doors



Eagles: On the Border/Desperado

Earth Wind & Fire: Gratitude

Jonathan Edwards: Lucky Day

Electric Light Orchestra” Ole Elo/ace the Music

Emerson Lake & Palmer: Tarkus/Trilogy (2 copies)/Pictures at an Exhibition (2 copies)



Marianne Faithul: Broken English

Fleetwood Mac: Rumours/ Tusk/Fleetwood Mac -Stevie Nicks: Don’t Blame It on Me/Bella Donna

Flo and Eddie: Moving Targets

Flock of Seagulls: Listen

Foghat: Foghat Live

Peter Frampton: Frampton Comes Alive (3 copies)



David Gilmour: David Gilmour

GoGos: Talk Show

Golden Avatar: A Change oF Heart

Grand Funk: We’re an American Band/Closerto Home

Great Songs oF Christmas (Steve and Edye. SammyDavis, Doris Day Dinah Shore)

Greg Kihn Band: Rock inhroll



Head East: Flat as a Pancake

Hot Tuna: Burgers/Hot Tuna

Whiteney Houston: Whitney Houston

Huey Lewis and the News: Sports





J. Geils Band: The Morning AFter/Sanctuary/Love Stinks

Jefferson Airplane/Starship: Bark/The Worst of Jefferson Airplane/Red Octopus/Thirty Seconds Over Winterland/Freedom at Point Zero/Modern Times (2 copies)/Volunteers

Jethro Tull: Benefit/The Best of/This Was/Aqualung/Songs From the Wood

Billy Joel: An Innocent Man

Elton John: Friends

Janis Joplin:  Pearl/In Concert (2 copies)/Cheap Thrills

Journey: Infinity

Duke Jupiter: White Knuckle Ride



Kansas: Point of Know Return

The Kinks: Low Budget/One For the Road

The Knack: Get the Knack



Liberace: Tonight

Trini Lopez: The Whole Enchilada

Loverboy: Loverboy/Keep it Up/Get Lucky



Les McCann and Eddie Harris:Swiss Movement

Men at Work: Cargo/Business as Usual

Lee Michaels: 5th

Missing Persons: Rhyme and Reason/Spring Session M

Moody Blues: Question o Balance/This is the Moody Blues



New Order: Blue Monday (12” single)



OMD: Dazzle Ships

The Outlaws: Greatest Hits of the Outlaws



Pablo Cruise: A Place in the Sun/Lifeline/Not Tonight/Worlds Away

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

The Police: Outlandos d’Amour/Synchronicity

The Pretenders: Learning to Crawl/The Pretenders

Prince: Purple Rain

Pure Prairie League: Bustin’ Out






Otis Redding: The Jimi Hendrix Experiment

Red Rider: As Far as Siam

Lionel Richie: Can’t Slow Down

Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks 1964-71 (2 copies)

Linda Ronstadt: Prisoner in Disguise/Simple Dreams/Silk Purse/Living in the USA/Hand Sown/Hasten Down the Wind

Leon Russell: Leon Live/Best of Leon



Santana: Santana

Bozz Scaggs: Silg Degrees

Scandal: The Warrior

Nilsson Schmillssonn: Nilsson (2 copies)

Tom Scott: Blow it Out/L.A. Express

Shanana: The Night is Still Young

John Sebastian: John Sebastian/Real Live

Lynryd Skynyrd: Gold and Platinum

Simon and Garunkel: Greates HIts/Bookends(no jacket)

The Sons: The Sons

Steely Dan: Can’t Buy a Thrill

Steve Miller Band: Greatest Hits(74-78)/Anthology

Cat Stevens: Foreigner

Rod Stewart: Foolish Behavior/Every Picture Tells a Story

Barbara Streisand: Superman/Guilty//Lazy Afternoon/Songbird

Supertramp: Even in the Quietest Moments/Crime of the Century (2 copies)/Paris (2 copies)/Breafkast in America

Survivor: Vital Signs



James Taylor: Gorilla

Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (From Fantasia)

Tchaikovsky: Concerto No. 1

Toto: Toto

Robin Tower: Live!

Tower o Power: Back to Oakland



U2: War

Ultimate Spinach: Ultimate Spinach



Vanilla Fudge: Vanilla Fudge



War: Why Can’t Wee Be Friends

The Who: Who’s Next (2 copies)/Who are You (2 copies)/It’s Hard/Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy(2 copies)/Quadrephenia/Roger Daltry -Best Bits

Stevie Wonder: Talking Book/Inversions

Woodstock movie soundtrack (2 copies)

Gary Wright: The Dreamweaver (2 copies)





Yes: 90125/The Yes Album



Zebra: Zebra

Warren Zevon: Excitable Boy

The creative process

What do you write about when you have nothing to say?

I really have no ideas. Nothing.


It’s winter. I hate winter. Winter “stinks.”

I bet you agree. Unless you ski. If you ski, you might not hate winter as much.

I used to ski. I haven’t in a long time.

My cats don’t like winter, even though they’re not outdoor cats.

They don’t like the windows being closed. When the windows are open this time of year, it’s too cold to sit on the sill.

I got a haircut this weekend. That was good.

I like coffee. I’m working on my third cup now.

I should have worn thicker pants today. It’s cold outside; too cold for these thin dress pants.

I should wear thicker pants in winter. I hate winter.

But I like thick pants. I wear corduroys by choice, not just necessity.

When you wear long johns under corduroys, they make more noise when you walk.

When you wear corduroys and squeaky shoes, it’s hard to sneak up on people.

Not that I really try to sneak up on people.

I’m just saying in theory…

The dress pants I’m wearing and slippers would be better for sneaking up on people.

But what would I do when I got there? Yell, “boo!” and giggle.

The winter is a good time for indoor projects. I have a lot of indoor projects to do.

I didn’t really do any this weekend.

I cleaned the kitchen. I worked through most of the leftovers in the fridge.

I didn’t have much reason to leave the apartment.

Cat food. Some soda.

Exciting stuff.

Asteroids are exciting. So are meteors.

They’re also dangerous.

I learned that a meteor is the object in the sky; a meteorite is a meteor that hits the ground.


Will I ever be able to use that knowledge?

I guess I just did.

I’m glad I don’t live in Russia. Not because of meteors; it just doesn’t look like a fun place to live.

BRB. Have to get a refill.

OK. Back. Still nothing.

Yahoo. Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. Scrounging for something to get me fired up.

Story on Yahoo: “Some states start making the rescued pay” Interesting…charging people who climb mountains and get stuck for the cost of rescuing them…makes sense.

That’s about as much as I have to say on the subject.

I have to get money for laundry. Keep forgetting to do cash back at CVS.

I hate ATM fees. Does it really cost that much?

And don’t get me going on overdrafts.

I’d join Occupy Wall Street people in protest, but those people always looked so skanky.

And I can only take so many protest chants and bongo playing.

I’ll occupy my living room. At least it’s warm there.

The cats wouldn’t like it.

They don’t like winter.

But I think I covered that already.



Obama: I like Coke
Fox News: Obama Declares War on Pepsi


You mean to tell me your yacht doesn’t have an elevator?!

My sad contribution to the happy news

My sad contribution to the happy news


Ma knows what’s goin’ on.

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the GG! Not only funny, but the show was such an early pro-LGBT advocate!

My sister’s response

I posted a photo last night comparing Santorum and Bin Laden both supporting religion (albeit different religions) as the guiding principle of government. My sister, Diane Smith-Knowles, posted the following response. She is disciplined in body (she is a long-time runner now taking part in marathons), mind (she is a “system architect” for a software company….just her title is intimidating!) and soul (she, like me, was raised catholic but has pursued her faith on an in-depth and intellectual level catholicism discourages). Anyway, her response is considered, intelligent, reassuring, spiritual and rational. In other words, wow! Please take the time to read.

"Yeah, this whole topic rubs me the wrong way for sure. Christianity is not a political affiliation. I appreciate Santorum’s faith and desire to live a life worthy of the calling, but his faith can’t be foisted upon an entire country. We don’t live in a theocracy. God raises up leaders for the salvation or destruction of the country according to His sovereign plan, and a government can’t legislate morality. A desire to live lives pleasing to the Lord only comes through the *individual* accepting the gift of salvation that God provided through Jesus Christ. Only then is s/he a new creation - the old has passed, the new has come, then there is a strong desire to live holy and pleasing lives to Him according to His spirit and His word. A Christian’s responsibility while we are here in the flesh is to be subject to authority and the rule of the land (Titus 3, 1 Peter 2:13), unless those rules directly contradict the word of God such that the Christian cannot follow them without dishonoring/renouncing the Lord whom we serve. Countless followers of Christ have been killed over the past 2000 years for their steadfast devotion to God over state - (the apostle Paul said to live is Christ, but to die is gain. If I perish, I perish, said Queen Esther). We are to be light in a dark land. Pray for our country, our leadership and or president, but more importantly, pray for that your neighbor/friend/co-worker/family member that he or she might come to know the Lord personally through his Son’



Clarence “Skip” Ellis was the first African-American to earn a PhD in Computer Science. He helped develop the concept of clicking icons which lead to the development of user friendly operating systems such as Windows or Mac. Most computer users, even highly proficient users, would not be able to operate their computer without this simple concept. Thank you, sir!
Learn more about Dr. Ellis here. (via University of Buffalo) 




Clarence “Skip” Ellis was the first African-American to earn a PhD in Computer Science. He helped develop the concept of clicking icons which lead to the development of user friendly operating systems such as Windows or Mac. 

Most computer users, even highly proficient users, would not be able to operate their computer without this simple concept. Thank you, sir!

Learn more about Dr. Ellis here. (via University of Buffalo